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  Plug Valve
Fully Lined Plug Valve
Brightech™ One PC Cast Ductile Iron, Bi-directional, Quarter Turn, Full Flow Efficient, Manually Wrench Operated Taper Plug Valve.

Size Range: 25mm to 150mm
  Cross-Section View
1.) Low torque operation
2.) One Pc Ductile Iron Casting Body with corrosion resistance PU paint
3.) PTFE Diaphragm for secondary seal provides static and self adjusting dynamic stem seal
4.) FEP/PFA encapsulated taper plug provides positive circumferential in line sealing
5.) Fully locked in, unpigmented FEP/PFA uniform lining throughout body and face area helps prevent blowout or collapse of the liner under full vacuum/high pressure
6.) Unpigmented FEP/PFA lining tested at 20,000 Volts for defects, is made from highly corrosion resistance FEP (150°C) or PFA (200°C)
7.) Standard Port Design
Feature & Benefits
Liner Locking
The lining is securely locked into the deep machined groove slot into the body & holes in casting plug under melting processible of FEP or PFA. This prevents liner to collapse or blow out under full vacuum/high pressure applications in conjuction with high temperature
Large Contact Area
The full circumferential sealing area is created by the interface between the taper plug & body liner. Due to the compression sealing the valve is used in either direction.(Bi-directional)
Cavityless design helps to prevent accumulation of material between the body liner & taper plug

Large Port Area
Ensures low pressure drop with higher flow rate

Double Sealing Arrangement
Primary seal between the taper plug & body liner. The secondary seal is reversed V lip diaphragm which is pressurized and ensures excellent stem seal
Standard Design
The Brightech™ Fully Lined Plug Valve are designed in accordance with flange dimension of ANSI B16.5 & face to face dimension of ANSI B16.10 permits these valves to replace with any standard plug valves without altering existing piping
Lining Specificationss
Other Lining Material
We offer other lining materials like PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF, PP, HDPE
Lining Thickness
Min. 3.0mm/4.0mm overall
Spark Test
Body liners & all wetted parts are spark tested at 20,000 Volts
The body material is generally Cast Ductile Iron Alternatively we offer completely CF8 / CF8M Body and Plug.
Our Specialty: We offer fully Jacketed lined plug valve.
Standard Followed Optional Accessories  
Manufacturing: - BS 5353 The Brightech™ Fully Lined Plug Valve can be offered with following optional accessories.
Testing: API 598
Flange dimensions: ANSI B16.5   Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioner  
Face to Face: ANSI B16.10   Pneumatic Valve Positione  
      Pneumatic rotary Actuator  
      Electrical Actuator  
      Solenoid Valve  
      Limit Switch  
      Gear Box  
      Air Filter Regulator  
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